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Today with a change in attitude of people and increasing number of failed marriages, divorces and separation, more and more people want to be sure if they are compatible with their future life partner before taking the plunge in marriage. This leads to the need for spending some time with your prospective life partner or living together with him/her so that you can know if they are compatible and can form a long-term relationship or not.

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Already a lot of couples live together all around the world, but this is the First Website that helps people find a live in partner online.

Yes not all are ready to go for live in together relationship but the compatibility issue is vital for all. The concept behind is to let people who are in search of life partners but not yet ready to marry, find each other. Basically two types of people may find this website useful:
1) Those who are looking for a Live In Partner.
2) Those who are not really ready to live together yet but don't want to start searching a bride/groom straightaway and instead just want to
spend some time meeting a prospective partner over a coffee or similar way and then take things from there. We are here to help you find your perfect life partner. So register now and we shall start!!

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Name: mala shukla
Height: 5ft 3in
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Name: Pranav Deshpande
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Age: 43 years
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Hi, all you folks out there, I am Shruti & I had joined “liveintogether” recently. Actually I was quite frustrated at that time cause I met numerous guys earlier, but after few days I would start feeling they are not meant for me. But soon after I registered here, while looking at the profiles online this one extremely handsome face caught my attention, “rags” I call him. Without wasting time I buzzed him and we started spending time together & soon after one day bang he asked me to live-in-together with him!

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